09 April 2009

will the real goat anon please stand up?

there's going to be a goan goat mooli! it is to die for. we did tastings yesterday (goat v. lamb) and as anon has so persuasively argued, there is no comparison. there was no need to even do a blind tasting, it was that obvious. we did however do some hilarious blind bread tastings (khobez from rival suppliers) but that is for another post.

interestingly, i think mama's (my incredible grandmother who taught me how to cook) goat curry (cooked longer so that it isn't really a curry anymore) would work really well too. i have been making it since 2001 and there are never any leftovers. it is an indication of how strong our menu is that it looks like there is no space for it. mathew is keen to do kheema which would fly as well (though looks a bit dodgy?). we'll do them as backups and maybe they will surface as mooli of the month one day.

anyway, thank you anon. if you are ever in london, we'd love for you taste our goat mooli.


sameer said...

now, i wonder if anon has had my grandmom's goat curry.

Anonymous said...

go go anon goat

Jonathan said...

When the mutton gets tough, the goat gets Goan

sameer said...

LOL @ anon and jonathan.