17 April 2009

return of the mini mooli

for the last week, mathew and i have been mulling over whether we should have the mooli and a monster mooli OR the mooli and a mini mooli. pat & laleh made a great case for the mini mooli and right now we think they are spot on.

[of course, it is possible to have both the mini and monster but we think this might be over complicating things plus a few of the reasons against a monster still hold if we have all three - see below. it is also possible just to go with one size.]

before we talk about monster v. mini, we should clarify how big our mooli is. ahem. its made with a 10" diameter (around 25 cm) thin khobez bread (regular or wholemeal) and is much more filling than a PRET wrap (£3.67) or even a LEON wrap (£3.85 or so) but not as filling as a burrito (above £5.00). a monster mooli would have a 12" diameter while the mini mooli would have a 8" diameter. we're thinking of pricing our mooli in the £3.90 - £4.20 range while the mini mooli would be around £2.80 - £2.90. the monster mooli would be over £5.00.

there are two reasons why people think the monster mooli is a better idea than the mini mooli:

1. you want people to feel like they have eaten enough for lunch (or dinner) - they'd leave thinking this was good value. a 12" burrito sized mooli will be more than enough.

2. you don't want to cannibalize yourself. if you have a mini mooli, people might down trade and not spend as much, its better to up-sell so they say (no one in particular, just you know)

here's why we think the mini mooli deserves to stay:

1. it's called a mini mooli.

2. it fits better with our brand. why? read on...

3. its hard to see us doing a monster paneer mooli (sorry pat) - as mathew says, 'that's just too much paneer!' or a monster aubergine mooli. we don't want people leaving god that was too much.

4. we allow people to mix & match in many ways. you can have a mini mooli and a soup. or here's the exciting one... wait for it... two mini mooli's!! so now you can eat your goat mooli and have it too (the paneer mooli).

5. the regular mooli will be enough food on many days but on the days you're really hungry you can get yourself 2 mini mooli's for 5 quid! (this may be in the form of a promotion) or perhaps a mini mooli and the keralan chicken stew.

6. does the cannibalization point still hold against the mini mooli? some people (perhaps super models) would have only a mini mooli - previously they would have had to buy at least the mooli. but i personally believe that a company which allows customers to have what they really want (as long as it is good for them!) will probably do better in the long run (the SLIM PRET/half baguette is a good example). anyway, supermodels will probably buy the salad no?

7. the mini mooli is a perfect afternoon (3-6pm) snack.

8. it's called a mini mooli.

it would be great to know what you guys think. you can vote - see the question on the left side bar.

ps - thanks to all those who voted on the lamb (now goat) mooli question. the goan version was the clear winner with 54% of the vote. and it makes a fantastic goat mooli (rivals the beef for some).


Anonymous said...

no brainer/ mini-mooli.

here are my reasons:

1) you don't want to make a super strong value sell like subway - one huge badass sandwhich which tastes crap but fills you up. dilutes the brand.

3) the logic of the monster mooli is not clear from a hunger perspective. if you're super hungry go for a monster mooli? like how hungry? so you're saying you're regular mooli is not enough? seems confusing.

4) upsell point is rubbish. firstly, you have to look at margins - you might be better off selling two mini moolis than one monster mooli. secondly, don't be greedy - it will destroy your brand - serve the customer.

5)lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have to think of the SUPERMODELS.

anon nyc

VxD said...


We can live without the other Moolies, but not without our Supermodel Mooli! Trust your instincts!!

Monster mooli sounds more like supersized Mac burger! Where are you positioning monster mooli personality? Does not seem to go with stated brand personality ...surely big is not better here! You don't make a customer feel that it was stomach-full and loose their appreciation for food for a little while (that comes from a bit of overeating) ...you want to keep that little bit of craving & appreciation there!

And, option "i'm vegetarian and have no views on sizes" would suit chicken/goat/beef (and other poor animals) eaters better! ;)

jljunghammar said...

As a representative of the fairer sex my vote is for the mini-mooli. I think it's a great idea - I reckon that there are a lot of girls out there who might only want a smallish mooli for lunch or who would want to combine a mini-mooli with a soup. I reckon that anon nyc is also right that you don't want to give the impression that a regular mooli isn't enough.

mathew said...

while i voted mini-mooli with my heart and soul, i have this lingering doubt, especially because the most popular wraps (by far) at one of our competitors are their premium burritos and carribean wraps which are all super-sized.

but then again, said competitors customers are heavily skewed towards the unfair sex.

we've got to go mini.

sameer said...

anon nyc, VxD, jljunghammer, you are all spot on. thanks for the additional points. :D

Anonymous said...

mathew /

i'm interested in what you say about the premium / king size wraps being the most popular choice at the competition.

it must be a value sell. i.e., you get a lot more food for a little more money. like the subway footlong. i can see that being popular. is this the case?

either way, my feeling is to stay away from it. create a brand around "great tasting moolis", not "fill yourself up for cheap."

anon nyc

TaB said...

A difficult one, but I have been swept along with some of the arguments of everyone. Viva mini mooli.