06 April 2009

monster mooli


we are looking to name our big mooli. this is pretty huge. previously we thought we'd have a normal sized mooli (mooli) and a smaller mooli (mini mooli) but on reflection we believe it is better to have a mooli and a larger sized mooli (burrito size) for those with an above average appetite.

before leaving for india, TAB (again, notice the caps respect for your initials) comes up with monster mooli. it cracked me up. anon nyc has already said it scares him or her. lol.

so we're looking for names! after we have suggestions, we'll create a poll on the left sidebar - winner gets what they name, mango lassi, chai, our eternal gratitude and in case TAB does not win, he will give you a peck on the cheek as well.

ps - thanks to all who answered our lamb mooli question - looks like there is some demand here for the lamb mooli! raju, mathew and i are going to try 2/3 versions of the vindaloo this week with both lamb and goat. thanks to anon for his/her suggestion.

pps - in response to a different anons question, here is an article titled 'How I Learned to Love Goat Meat' via anon korea.

ppps - veggies, fear not. raju has perfected the paneer bhurji with tomato chutney (which beat the beef this week at UBS) and next on his hit list is the aubergine mooli.


Anonymous said...

maxi mooli? jumbo mooli?

Anonymous said...


no question about it

respect TAB

you are in the wrong profession

anon nyc

Anonymous said...

pls can you explain for some of us food retards the difference between

a. lamb

b. goat

c. mutton

anon retard

sameer said...

anon nyc, i agree with you. Monster Mooli is hilarious. only someone who came up with the name Mooli's can come up with something like Monster Mooli. LMAO.

sameer said...

Lamb is an electronic music duo from Manchester, England, known for their Trip hop and drum and bass influenced sound. The duo is comprised of producer Andy Barlow, who also produces under the pseudonym Hipoptimist, and singer-songwriter Louise Rhodes.


Gautam said...

Lamb and mutton come from a sheep. Lamb is from a young sheep and mutton is from an older sheep. The traditional method of distinction is based on the number of teeth and wear and tear of said teeth.

Goat comes from a different species. In India mutton can describe both.

Goat meat is moderately healthier than sheep meat as it has less fat.

Both, however, are yummy!

As for naming the roll, I'm fond of the Fanoo's classification:

Jumbo, Mumbo and Rambo.

Though Monster Mooli could star in some gastro-pr0n flick...

What about Mammoth Mooli? Mighty Mooli?

basho said...

when a mooli is not enough.

monster mooli.

Anonymous said...

“Koreans think eating goat soup increases virility. It can lead to better sexytime.”


anon korea

sameer said...

anon korea - thanks for that link. it is now on the blog. Suddenly I am go go goat.

VxD said...

maha mooli?

Anonymous said...

To follow up on Sameer's admirable explanation of Lamb, and to emphasise the radical difference between Lamb and Goat:

"Goat was a blues styled hard rock act from the South Coast town of Brighton. Goat released the EP 'As You Like' in 1990 and the album 'Medication Time' in 1991 on Beggars Banquet Records (BEGA 119 CD). Goat were singer Marcus Vandell, and guitarist Adrian Oxaal (who notably later went on to play with the very successful band James) and drummer Ambrose Lovejoy. The EP 'As you Like' was produced by the bassist of The Cult Jamie Stewart and Goat toured with The Almighty." (Wikipedia)

Goat toured with The Almighty. Keep that in mind when you piddle around with lamb.

Anonymous said...



the mooliest
the moolimost
mooli(superscript)n (viz, exponentiomooli)

the mammoth mooli
the massive mooli
the majestic mooli
the mighty mooli
the magisterial mooli
the monumental mooli
the moliminous mooli
the momentous mooli
the paramount mooli

the mooli of moolis
the apogee of moolis
the paragon of moolis
the grand panjandrum of moolis
the mooli beyond which no mooli may go
the mooli to which all moolis aspire

mooli to the max
il magnifico
the wondrous mooli
the major mooli
the mooli out there
the utmost mooli
the mooli at the end of the universe

the mooli that must not be named (viz., lord voldemooli)



The Troll
The Ogre
The Beast
The Olympian


Anonymous said...

बड़ा मूली
सबे बड़ा मूली
ದೊಡ್ಡ ಮೂಲಿ
பெரிய மூளை
വെല്യ മൂളി

Anonymous said...

Previous Anon, your Malayalam is an atrocity. And shouldn't that be 'sabse' rather than 'sabe'?

Anonymous said...

Do better. Bitch.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, a touchy person.

सबसे बड़ा मूली
വലിയ മൂലി

I don't know Tam, and don't even know whether the other one is Golt or Diga, so I'll leave those two alone.

Take it easy, now, and don't blow a gasket: I didn't mean to steal your multilingual thunder. We advertising folk tend to proofread all the time, as perhaps we shouldn't.

Anonymous said...


What's a Golt?


Right back at you, creative cat.

Anonymous said...

'Golt' or 'Golti': South Indian college slang for Telugu and/or a person from Andhra Pradesh. Probably originated in IIT-M sometime in the eighties. Google 'Indian Slang + Golt' and you should manage a few hits.

Gautam said...

As awesome as the Gult/Golt debate is, I found this while Googling:


So much fun!

Anonymous said...

Something bigger than a regular Mooli isn't a Mooli.

So, the larger option should be called...



anon music

TaB said...

One of my favourites must be Anon's "the mooli that must not be named (viz., lord voldemooli)". But if long names or those that may make their owner feel self conscious (which monster could), then something like "more mooli" may be an option. It is, rather deviously perhaps, something that a customer may easily commit too-"yeah I'll have more mooli". Yeah baby.

sameer said...

my favourite is still monster mooli. we can do self-conscious (not mushy though). also like more mooli, major mooli and lots of others.

thanks a lot guys (especially god) for the suggestions. we shall keep you updated!

anon, the scripts were cool. you might see bada mooli in hindi on our table tops. and the golt discussion was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

MAGNUM MOOLI - are you feeling lucky punk?

Febin said...

The Moooooooooooooooooli.. :D

Kiran Singh said...

Mega Mooli