26 September 2008

Which Mooli's do you like?

Thanks to Phil, we have a lot of new ones (click on the picture to make it bigger)! You can pick one out by referring to it by row number and column number. For example, main sheet R3, C4.

Or you could just choose one from our short list (which includes the original). Again short list, R1, C2.

Or you could say something like, I like short list R2, C3 but with the M of short list R1, C2.

Or maybe you just like R2D2.

24 September 2008


We have a company.


21 September 2008

Swedish Mooli?

It's about 7 in the evening. I've spent the last six hours walking around Stockholm with David. It's a beautiful city with all the water and the sunshine. We started the day with some strong espresso and then walked to Djurgarden, a beautiful park/forest. Autumn is here. The leaves are changing and the air has a nice edge to it. Before you know it, winter will arrive. And then in 2009, Mooli's.

We went into many interior design shops and cafes. There is a lovely simplicity to the design here. Everything seems to fit. They really get their lighting right too. Back to the walk. We're walking and then out of the blue we see:

There were some cool interior design shops. Saw some different coloured chairs around a table which looked quite nice, something we've talked about as a possibility for Mooli's.

More pictures from the design shops.

David needed that coffee - 'Shouldn't have had the last jagermeister!' Starbucks didn't make it in Sweden. They like it real.

Max, Sweden's answer to McDonalds. I'm loving it.

Ah, the sunshine.

10 September 2008

grill baby grill

Pictures from our tastings. No republicans showed up but the chicken tikka was to die for. Thanks to Raju.

Here's to Mooli's. And our juice of the day - Watermelon!

That's the way to do it.

Oh yes!

Tariq likes it.



Discussing the food?