24 September 2008


We have a company.



mathew said...

i'm mooli madly deeply about different coloured chairs around a table!

Vivek said...

Wow! ..we are getting nearer to some mouthwatering moolies!

Yum! :)

JD said...

really excited about mooli (un) limited :-)

mooli yours / yours mooli


Jonathan said...

There are rumours circulating about a young Chinese guy who quit his job at Mckinsey, and is starting a take-away chain in New York.

He has a masters from cambridge and a french girlfriend doing a phd in physics.

He plays second life late at night to pay the bills.

Apparently he will specialise in cheng du chicken rolls.

He's calling his company Moo Li's

Calvin Ji said...

...probably he is specializing in cheng du beef rolls and then calling it Moo Li's!