16 January 2010


Just thought it would be fun to include a few reactions to our mooli's (especially the GO GO GOAT MOOLI) extracted from twitter. Start from the bottom...

ibzo had my second goat mooli from @moolis in three days. i'm addicted. will blog about it soon.

cr @farhan isn't the chicken halal @moolis? Gotta agree with you though Farhan, goat mooli is one to keep :D.

farhan @chirdeep @moolis Goat mooli is a must keep ;) It's the only halal meat mooli they have at the moment ;) And I'm grateful they have it! ;)

chirdeep Thinking of @moolis and the beta release of the goat mooli. Should go to approve/disapprove soon.

chaitanyakuber @moolis nom nom nom

sherenejose @moolis i'll be there to sample some this evening :D

adelecompanymag @moolis lovely lunch at moolis as recommended by my art team... next time i will remember to order the lush brownies too!

farhan http://twitpic.com/y6ghn - the goat @moolis are so yummy, I had to have another one..

vicchi http://twitpic.com/y68w9 - Trying out the goat special from @moolis on Frith Street. Delicious!

sigizmund Been at @moolis - had some great food and free mint tea just for tweeting about it. Sounds like something I can do on daily basis!

kreidekreis Great lunch today @moolis (50 Frith St) - fantastic food, friendly staff - well worth a visit! ... http://schmap.it/G8mqDm?a

chaitanyakuber Best mooli yet! Try the goat mooli @moolis. #soho #londonfood

cr RT @moolis @cr described our masala chai as christmas in a drink! - its like mince pies and mulled wine. Mmm!

ibzo oh my goat. had a goat mooli from @moolis earlier. it was an absolute triumph, well done to the great guys there. go get one soon

TheBuddhaSmiled @moolis - what's this I hear? Proper goat meat, here in Central London? Have I died and gone to foodie heaven?

helenmusic mmmmmmmm the new goat mooli is delicious, i can confirm. another triumph for @moolis !!

tloghal The goat at @moolis is only there for a month (poor animal). So goat in there (sorry).

abiCompanyMag Love @moolis - the best lunch in soho!

TanitaM new favourite place for lunch @moolis Go there now!!

anilmathew @londoneating Just has the goat mooli @moolis - tasted amazing. Definitely my favourite mooli now!!! Worth trying out :-)

LambshankRdmptn @Screenjabber Slow roasted, unapologetically spicy. In a sandwich. A winner from @Moolis

Goodforlunch @moolis never done goat! I'll have to stop by

LambshankRdmptn Ok world. I've got to be in Soho for a film at 1:15. Anyone fancy a goat @moolis around midday?

Moolis Gemma I think Soho is about to GO GO Goat

12 January 2010


To : Gemma <gemma@gemmamasseypr.co.uk>
cc : Sameer Singh <sameer@moolis.com>;
cc: Raju Rawat <raju@moolis.com>;

date: Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 1:01 AM
Re: Metro

This evening Raju made a batch of goat mooli's for Sam, Fran, Vrinda and myself. I dont have the words to describe it. But I must because we promised to send you some info about it so that we can send it to the journalists and food bloggers.

I think we have it. A mooli to melt the last remnants of snow. A mooli to entice the shoppers from Oxford Street, the clubbers from Old Compton Street and the bankers from Fleet Street.

The recipe is Sam's grandmothers. She wishes she could be in London to see Mooli's in action. She called to remind Sam that the meat needs to be braised together with bones, and that it in addition to the smoky flavour of dry roasted red chillies it needed the fiery kick of fresh green chillies. Sam nodded in agreement. He has been making this dish for many years now and it is legendary amongst the Rhodes scholars of Oxford. And Raju has made it even better than the real thing.

So why does Mooli's want to do a goat mooli? Because goat is the meat we Indians cook best. Much better than any Carribean goat curry. Goat meat is leaner than chicken and has more protein than beef. And I haven't even mentioned the medicinal properties of the turmeric.

The meat is succulent and bursting with flavour from the dry roasted cumin, coriander, cloves, chillies and cinnamon. Flavours that are distinctly Punjabi. The potatoes sauteed with dry mango and cumin are the perfect foil. Red onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and lime juice add a dash of zing. All of this cocooned in lovely wholemeal rotis made at 50 Frith Street by Moolita. GEMMA I THINK SOHO IS ABOUT TO GO GO GOAT.

The goat mooli is best accompanied by our newest cocktail - the pomegranate and chilli mojito.

Did someone mention winter blues?


PS: thankyou goat anon

06 January 2010

Concerning moustaches and other facial hair growth

As a young, precocious and, some would say, beautiful child on the South East Essex junior debating circuit, there was a question that always fascinated me. Why were all (or many of) the poverty stricken people that were on TV (documentaries etc) not sporting beards, given the food retaining abilities of facial growth in times of hunger? I returned to this question recently as I began to ponder the advantages and disadvantages of facial hair. For your correspondent, there are only advantages.

Snack nestling

I have mentioned this benefit already. Consider this everyday scenario. Your have just fought your way through the queues to find a cramped place on the tube. Partly through boredom, partly through the unintended effort of getting on the train, you are suddenly in need of a snack. Even if you have a quaker bar in your purse or man-bag, you are too cramped in the tube to reach for it. Perhaps you are a bit embarrassed to eat a whole bar in public. Perhaps the last Rolo (TM) in your pocket has become squashed and the caramel is now hard. The solution is a quick shuffle of the tongue away. In your lovely beard there nestles a bit of the muesli from this morning. Fantastic.

The relationship enhancer

Many women will tell you that a beard is off-putting. That is understandable given that no one (except my ex ex ex) really wants to kiss a bristly surface (although there is a solution to this: use conditioner on your beard). But there is an indirect benefit in entering a relationship with a beard. You see, a true sign of the evolution of any relationship is not just being nice and good to each other but also knowing you can be frank, ask for things and even argue. Of course if one can have a soft disagreement rather than a hard one, then the breakthrough to this more mature relationship can be negotiated happily. What better way to make this breakthrough than let your young lady request that you shave? Much better than having to argue or being told you are fat, too flirtatious etc.

The best short term slimming pill in the world

With a properly contoured box beard (or goatee), your face is effectively elongated. And this provides a slimming effect, which you can profit from whilst you get down to actually losing some weight.


For the perennial wimp or wimp looking person, there is no faster way to add a veneer of hardness or mystique than to, yes you have guessed it, grow some facial hair. I can't explain why facial hair has that effect. Perhaps it is the instant message it gives: " if he can't be bothered to shave and is such a deviant may be he is capable of other more dangerous things".

I do hope that our friends at Mooli's recognise these advantages and regularly give away a free mooli to the important constituency of facial hair growers.

03 January 2010

The Mooli's disloyalty card

London has recently benefited greatly from a coffee revolution. You can now get a great cup of coffee, and hence I no longer crave the glorious South Indian filter coffee that I grew up on in Bangalore.

Today, I had the pleasure of drinking a Gibraltar at Tina, we Salute You in Newington Green. It was fantastic. Even better, was the discovery of the Disloyalty Card. If you go and drink coffee at 8 interesting, quality focused cafes in the East End then Gwilym Davies himself (World Barista Champion) will make you a free cup of coffee at Prufrock Coffee.

And it struck me. This could be a great way to pay homage to some great restaurants and cafes that have inspired Sam and myself as we walked and cycled the streets of London planning Mooli's.

If you have eaten or imbibed at all of the following then come in and have a mooli on us, anytime this week. We arent going to print disloyalty cards, but will take your word for it.

Lantana Cafe, Timeout's pick for the Best New Cafe of 2009. Thank you Shelagh
Taqueria, because Dodie makes fabulous corn tortillas
Fernandez & Wells, for giving us the stumpy
Monmouth, need we say anything?
Hummus Bros, I would never have given (Chick) Peas a Chance. Christian you've been incredible

Maoz, for being the only good on-the-go food option on Old Compton Street
Milk Bar, for being even better than the original Flat White
Benitos Hat, thanks Ben for proving that lawyers can cut it