12 January 2010


To : Gemma <gemma@gemmamasseypr.co.uk>
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date: Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 1:01 AM
Re: Metro

This evening Raju made a batch of goat mooli's for Sam, Fran, Vrinda and myself. I dont have the words to describe it. But I must because we promised to send you some info about it so that we can send it to the journalists and food bloggers.

I think we have it. A mooli to melt the last remnants of snow. A mooli to entice the shoppers from Oxford Street, the clubbers from Old Compton Street and the bankers from Fleet Street.

The recipe is Sam's grandmothers. She wishes she could be in London to see Mooli's in action. She called to remind Sam that the meat needs to be braised together with bones, and that it in addition to the smoky flavour of dry roasted red chillies it needed the fiery kick of fresh green chillies. Sam nodded in agreement. He has been making this dish for many years now and it is legendary amongst the Rhodes scholars of Oxford. And Raju has made it even better than the real thing.

So why does Mooli's want to do a goat mooli? Because goat is the meat we Indians cook best. Much better than any Carribean goat curry. Goat meat is leaner than chicken and has more protein than beef. And I haven't even mentioned the medicinal properties of the turmeric.

The meat is succulent and bursting with flavour from the dry roasted cumin, coriander, cloves, chillies and cinnamon. Flavours that are distinctly Punjabi. The potatoes sauteed with dry mango and cumin are the perfect foil. Red onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and lime juice add a dash of zing. All of this cocooned in lovely wholemeal rotis made at 50 Frith Street by Moolita. GEMMA I THINK SOHO IS ABOUT TO GO GO GOAT.

The goat mooli is best accompanied by our newest cocktail - the pomegranate and chilli mojito.

Did someone mention winter blues?


PS: thankyou goat anon


sameer said...

goat anon rocks. i never thought this possible but i may have a new favourite mooli.

Becks said...

After having my first paneer mooli yesterday, am coming back for more at lunchtime - am going to give the goat a go!

sameer said...

nice one Becks! :)

where have our regular comment leavers gone? incognitus? goat anon? anon nyc??

twitter, facebook etc. are great but the blog will always be our true meeting point. :D

TaB said...

I think the comment on the moustaches posting is by Goat Anon.

Priyanka said...

So if I come for dinner tonight, can I get a goat mooli? Priyanka Seriously contemplating it if goat's on the table...

sameer said...

it is so come sooN!