26 September 2008

Which Mooli's do you like?

Thanks to Phil, we have a lot of new ones (click on the picture to make it bigger)! You can pick one out by referring to it by row number and column number. For example, main sheet R3, C4.

Or you could just choose one from our short list (which includes the original). Again short list, R1, C2.

Or you could say something like, I like short list R2, C3 but with the M of short list R1, C2.

Or maybe you just like R2D2.


Gautam said...

Shortlist - R2C1

Calvin Ji said...

What I was looking for: Bold (not as bold font!), fluid, strong signature styling. With easy readability.

Can't say any design met all expectations, but here are my 2 cent thoughts:

In the shortlisted set, R1C2 & R2C1 look interesting but the Ms in both appear weak! I wonder if a underline in signature style would add to these designs.

In the larger set R12C1 & R13C3 look interesting (probably one is same as above).

Otherwise rest look flaccid designs.

basho said...

shortlist, r2c1. money shot. lick it.

Richard Price said...

I like R1C2

Anonymous said...


mathew said...

Shortlist Row1 Col3

Spy + Frank said...

Spy: R8 C4
Frank: R12 C3