22 April 2009

mooli's are old delhi meets tokyo.

mooli's are respecting the radish.
mooli's aren't full of artificial stuff.
mooli's are hungrily pounding the streets of calcutta, delhi & lucknow.
mooli's aren't into making life difficult.
mooli's are adamant that alphonso mangoes make the killer lassi.
mooli's aren't glow-in-the-dark tikka masala.
mooli's are liberal with their use of apostrophes.
mooli's aren't best accompanied by beatles' classics on the sitar.
mooli's are partly funded by late night poker sessions.
mooli's aren't just wraps, ok?
mooli's are the chai espresso pioneers.
mooli's aren't putting mayo on anything.
mooli's are worn out from the hunt for the perfect bread.
mooli's aren't about to serve something we don't love ourselves.
mooli's are all about dry roasting their spices.
mooli's aren't happy unless you are.
mooli's are the culmination of 56 years of careful mastication.
mooli's aren't missing their old jobs.
mooli's are sharing the joy brought by chachas's, fanoo's & frankie's.
mooli's aren't about to start using a microwave.
mooli's are still undecided about TAB's 'breakfast mooli' idea.
mooli's aren't doing 'chips' with that, sorry.
mooli's are reinventing pappadums. with fresh chutneys.
mooli's aren't missing their old jobs. did we say that already?
mooli's are probably something rude in other languages. we didn't check.
mooli's aren't a power-hungry multi-national conglomerate (yet).
moooli's are always hand-rolled to order.
mooli's aren't about to give you cold food.
mooli's are finding it difficult not to eat all the stock themselves.
mooli's aren't deep fried, even on request.
mooli's are giving 110%. always.

mooli's are loving the anonymous comments on their blog.

you know mooli's, you know us, so....

mooli's are ....

mooli's aren't ....

ps - many thanks to phil from mystery for coming up with 95% of the above lines. he is our guardian angel.


Anonymous said...

Mooli's aren't your grandmother's rolls.
Mooli's can be your grandmother's rolls.
Mooli's are always fresh.
Mooli's are always the best.
Mooli's put the lickin' in finger lickin' good.
Mooli's are what's for dinner.
Mooli's are also what's for lunch.
Mooli's can also be what's for breakfast.
Mooli's are life.
Mooli's are slow cooked.
Mooli's are in your face.
Mooli's are the best thing you'll ever put in your mouth.
Mooli's might also be the smartest thing in your mouth.
Mooli's - when nothing else will do.

Anonymous said...

mooli's are finding it difficult not to eat all the stock themselves.


anon nyc

Anonymous said...

how big is your mooli?

Anonymous said...

Mooli's are the best thing you'll ever put in your mouth.

that's what my boyfriend said too.

anon girl.

Anonymous said...

anon girl - my boyfriend said the same thing.

anon boy.

Anonymous said...

Once you go Mooli you can never go back.
Once you go Mooli you can never go kathi roll company.
A Mooli a day keeps hunger at bay.
Mooli's - food for the soul.
A Mooli in your belly is worth two in hand.

Anonymous said...

i bet all of those anon comments except nyc are in fact by TAB.

Anonymous said...

When one has tasted a mooli he knows what the angels eat. -Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

save moolah, eat mooli's

Anonymous said...

A monster mooli to you maybe a mini to me...suckaa

Jonathan said...

Mooli's are an aspirant is.