30 December 2009

you got to be on top of everything...

that's what Christian (who started Hummus Bros) told me earlier this year. i also remember seeing a video of Simon Woodroffe (the founder of Yo Sushi! who we've also met a couple of times) where he said the key was to always keep doing things quickly so that your lists never went out of control.

we've been open more than a month and i've only now realised how important it is to be on top of everything. being efficient, organising stuff like a demon, checking supplier prices, making lists, rotas, keeping track of VAT receipts, replying to mails, excel, acting on things quickly, setting up things, opening the mail (!?) - that's the name of the game, or at least part of it. who would have thought. i guess we did some of this in our previous jobs but i find this much harder. especially as we need to make sure that our customers get the best possible service with their amazing mooli's.

we all have our strengths and weaknesses. we also have patterns which are hard to break. i recently read Victoria Coren's new book "For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker" - one of the chapters is called 4am. i read that and laughed out loud. how many times have poker players played way too long into the night? so this rather uninspiring blog post is about breaking a pattern of being (slightly) disorganised and inefficient.

as newspapers, websites, magazines, and even food bloggers prepare their lists for 2009, my early new years resolution is to be super organised, efficient and fast. both at mooli's and at home.

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