28 December 2009

Inspiring things

During the break I have come across little inspiring things I thought I would share.

1. http://www.pizzaturnaround.com/

There is a funny Dudley Moore movie, Crazy People, in which he plays an ad exec who has a nervous breakdown. The ads he makes during this breakdown are brutally honest and are mistakenly printed to great success. While not in that league, Domino pizza's decision to share the very negative criticism they have received about their cardboard crust and tasteless sauce is a brave one. The link takes you to their campaign to respond to these criticisms publicly by changing their pizzas. Brave or stupid?

2. http://www.rasikarestaurant.com/

When one thinks of really cool, well designed websites, the sites of indian restaurants do not spring to mind. BUt the website of this DC restaurant, popular with Rahm Emanuel no less, is, I think, beautifully designed and warms the heart (if that kind of thing does it for you). All the information is on a big page (like a menu perhaps), with a camera like device which takes you to the selected spot. Play with it and admire.

3. http://www.weinsteinco.com/#/film/a_single_man

Forget A Serious Man and any other movie of 2009, go watch A Single Man. Yes Tom Ford can direct, write and produce a movie as well as being a much lauded designer. Colin Firth's George gives a beautifully restrained performance of a man coping with his loneliness after the death of his lover (played by the very good Matthew Goode). A beautiful love story. And the clothes, car and props are fantastic. I want those glasses.

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