09 December 2009

A few more reviews of Mooli's......


...........fresh Indian fillings and vibrant salads are served in generous measure in rolled Indian breads. The whole package is filling but deceptively light. You know how some spicy meals leave you bloated and feeling like you're moving through treacle? A Mooli lunch will leave you energised and nourished. Mind you, that could just be the unapologetic spicing: this probably isn't a place for the sensitive of tastebud. But if you like heat and big flavours, you'll find this properly portable, properly zingy Indian food very much up your small connective passage.

The lunch deal - a sandwich, lovely roasted poppadums and some eye-popping chutney, a drink (and the mango lassi with ginger is superb)- is a fiver. It's about the best way of spending a small blue one in the area.

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You might think a mooli is a large, white radish but now there’s a new definition of the word. According to two young entrepreneurs, it means warm, flavoursome fillings, zesty salsa, vibrant chutneys and crunchy salad, all rolled in a fresh, homemade roti. That’s a pretty fair description of what they’re turning out on the site of defunct Soho Italian cafe Piada, and it could just be a tweak on fast food that’s destined to go big.


Excellent wraps. Not 'authentic' Indian street food but yummy fusion. The pork mooli is crave worthy, the paneer in the paneer mooli is like a paneer bhaaji and excellent. My favourite was the asparagus mooli even though normally I don't like asparagus!


The recent opening of Mooli's in London's Soho burgh, though, has us especially humming with pleasure. Putting a new spin on a cuisine that’s normally (if stereotypically) associated with ghee-laden curries and heavy breads, this street food-inspired eatery dishes out tasty roti rolls with wonderful fillings.

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.....The lassi was excellent stuff, creamy, thick and delicious tasting fresh and full of fruit. The foil twist containing the Mooli was of impressive proportions and opened to release a pleasing whiff of spices. The warm roti needed more colour for eye appeal, but was well made, light enough not to sit like stone in your stomach later, but doughy enough to soak up the juices from the filling.

The Mooli was a bit sparsely populated by the main ingredient, but what chicken there was, was moist and its spicing subtle. Perhaps a little too subtle and the killer was lost beneath the filler of a slightly incongruous salad containing lettuce and apple. Fortunately, they also offer complimentary tubs of sauces to spice up your meal and mine was much improved by the removal of some of the excess lettuce and apple (lettuce and apple, really?) and the liberal addition of a fiery chill coriander chutney.

Editors Note : Dude, go for the beef or pork mooli next time !

......Mooli offers a fresh and welcome addition to an already crowded market. They’ll do very well.

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