24 December 2009

It is not just fusion, stupid

I do hope one day that S and M (and perhaps R) can transfer their passion to the printed page in the form of a cookbook. Their much commented upon passion and enthusiasm would be brilliantly showcased if they were to share with everyone the many recipes friends and family have enjoyed over the years. So it would not be a Mooli's receipe book, but a book of recipes by the Mooli's founders.

The great thing about any such book would be its wonderful reflection of the varied interests, identities and influences that animate the work of S and M and many others who are interested in cooking and look upwards for inspiration. The book would not be Indian as such (or from any region from India), and would not fall in one of the traditional categories. Unfortunately it may be called Fusion, but that word has awful connotations of people bringing cuisines together for the sake of it, rather than just reflecting what they love, admire and have been brought up with. Perhaps one can defy even the fusion lable by the sheer number national cuisines that influence S and M and all of us when we cook.

So, bring on the kimchi and.....?

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mathew said...

oh yes. kimchi and fiery goan pork. or kashmiri goat. fantastic combination me thinks.