19 December 2009

Noses and Some Ideas for the New Year

Ladies and gentleman, your correspondent has made a breakthrough on matters of charming the opposite sex and at the same time selecting the most compatible companion, long or short haul. It is simply this: at the first opportunity during a party, dinner or simply coffee, you must seek to touch the said opposite sex on the nose. It must be a quick flick. Lingering too long may be interpreted in the wrong way (although once I had a major breakthrough on this front. But that was a unique case of a young lady who had a rather complicated upbringing that made her partial to nose touching: her mother was one of the leading nose ring persons of her generation; and her father was a nose surgeon).

I digress from the main message of this post: some ideas to consider for the new year.

Being free in different ways

The success of the mooli give-away to different constituencies is nothing short of genius. More than just a simple give-away its more creative delivery is "at one" with what mooli's should be about. I wonder whether there should be some alternative give-aways, perhaps in the evening. And taking it out to night club queues, announcing it before hand of course.

It's all about apps baby

We are in a world where apps are big. It makes sense given the technology that is part of our lives and the expectations we have of it. Mooli's is very much a modern brand in the way it has embraced fully the different e-mediums out there. There should be a specific useful mooli's app or something like it. But it should not be just for the sake of it - that would not be the mooli's way. My suggestion would be an app/tracker type thing that keeps you updated on mooli give-aways for example.

Don't forget what you remembered to leave out

I have discussed this principle before. Miles davis had it right and S&M have reaped great benefit from their sensitivity to not only what is visible and tasteable (as it were) but also what is not there. This must not be forgotten. Every addtion must be angonised over, because even it appears to make a profit there is the larger brand issue. Mooli's are not macDs, Burker King or even Pret.

Breakfast mooli repackaged

Saying the above, I still believe in the breakfast mooli idea. I understand that the morning is not an option, but who said a breakfast mooli can't be eaten at night time. I didn't. I think it would work.

The wall! The wall!

Another brilliant idea was the holding sign on the wall for new artists. But this must be filled soon otherwise it begins to look like a gimic, out of which no one benefits. There is plenty within the Japanese aesthetics tradition that chimes with India, and that can be an inspiration for an image. The propective artist would do well to take this as a starting point:http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/japanese-aesthetics/ (showing how Japanese art is characterised by certain features including: mono no aware (the pathos of things), wabi (subdued, austere beauty), sabi (rustic patina), yƻgen (mysterious profundity).

Happy new year to everyone. Here is to 2010, the year when moolita gained a sibling.


Anonymous said...

TAB - It's good to have you back! Your posts are always most exhilarating!

Anonymous said...


love the nose touching. i dig the idea of a moolis app but how about a TAB app? many times im in the need of tips on the go.

anon nyc

sameer said...

a TAB app. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

mooli's just aren't fucking wraps okay!