18 November 2009

shiny happy people

our free mooli lunch was a big hit (thanks to all those who re-tweeted us all day!). we were totally swamped but kept the line moving. our star rollers marius and royce rolled faster than ever, vio at the till couldn't stop smiling, raju made sure that moolita kept making fresh perfect rotis, mathew and i went up and down the line giving free mango lassi (with ginger) and papad bite tasters.

but what made the day for us was the outpouring of support on twitter, email and people even coming back in person to thank us. here are just a few of those tweets and emails:

girlnextshore @moolis Thank you for my super scrumptious lunch today. Big big big fan, see more of you & your lovely staff!!! =)

Barnster RT @moolis: @londoneating thanks for the re-tweets. lots and lots of happy people with free mooli's. :D amazing moolis we loved them!!

Arigato23 @moolis thank you for my free lunch! i love my pork mooli will definately be back again to enjoy your moooooooooolliiis!

PeterHoffer Peter ♥ @moolis Yumyum!

absolutehype Have to say, I was very impressed by my free lunch @Moolis, can definitely see myself visiting again - http://bit.ly/43OIWN

Lee: I must say that it is the best thing I have tasted in a long time! The food is authentic and I wanted it to last forever. The chutney reminds me of my grandmother’s chutney, to which nothing has ever come close to up to now. I am coming back when the free rush is over. I would choose this over a prĂȘt wrap any day! Thank you for bringing something different to Soho!

we're a bit tired but very happy. thank you all. and goodnight.


sherene said...

Awesome stuff! Congrats - what a queue! I'll be there tomorrow night with a friend... see ya!

Mowie @ Mowielicious said...

Woohoo! That's fantastic boys! You so deserve all of it and more... you and your mooli's rock!

jainder said...

congrats!! i was sure you'd get visitors and that they would be happy.
raju, moolita and the rollers have established that they would be able to supply mooli's to rush of customers for lunch everyday