05 November 2009

and our signage is up!


sameer said...

took these pictures with an iphone so not great quality but it's looking great!!!!!

Incognitus said...

still terrific!

what about some inside store pics?

sameer said...

build finishing today - we'll have pictures on sunday and we open for business on the 9th!!

TaB said...

It feels unreal and looks beautiful. The light box especially looks great.

Jonathan said...

Just back from the opening on sat night and still buzzing with excitement. I'm mega-impressed you have come this far, and tonight I realised that the moolis are really more-ish so I don't think you will have any problems getting 301 people a day. The 1 of course, just means 'beyond'.
Good luck for Monday.
Keep breathing and smiling, though not necessarily at the same time.