19 November 2009

CRAZY Mooli’s deal for students

We’re offering all students a crazy deal after 4pm, eight days a week: any mooli AND beer for just £5.00. Mathew prefers the Kingfisher, I like the Asahi. Either way, just show us your student ID. We're going to run the deal all through November.

50 Frith Street, Soho

Opening hours

Sunday – Wednesday 12pm – 10.30pm
Thursday – Saturday 12pm – 11.30pm


sherene said...

is this only for full-time students or can i claim this offer with my part-time student ID? ;)

sameer said...

for you sherene, always. but only one a day. :D

alex said...

Sameer! You never invited me for chai tea latte tasting!!! I walked past this place last weekend and it rang a bell but only when Nick (G) mentionned it did it click!
Anyways, I have also left - we should catch up so I ll try drop by sometime :P
Alex A

sameer said...

alex, that's because we don't do chai yet! it's very difficult to do properly (and mooli's wouldn't do it any other way) but hopefully we will in a few weeks so you can come help us choose the right blend. and do pop by mooli's!