18 November 2009

Mojito Sunday @ Moolis

.......... in the midst of all the excitement about the free mooli @ lunch tomorrow, I've had time to reflect on one of the most fun afternoons of the last week. Mojito Sunday.

Jonathan Shaw, ordered 4 Guava Mojitos @ 12:25 on Sunday afternoon. Completely unprepared I racked my brains to remember Sam's carefully crafted Mojito recipe and cobbled them together. I think they went down pretty well as we had sold another 25 Mojitos (we also do Lychee and Orange Mojitos) over the next couple of hours. Classic Rock anthems banging on in the background.

So Sunday afternoons are officially Mojito Sundays @ Mooli's. Yes, we'll keep on rockin' in the free world.

PS: a special thanks to Maria and Costas from the Arts Theatre Club downstairs for the cocktail making lessons and helping us source crushed ice !

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