18 October 2009

it's finally happening

I don't remember the exact day when Mooli's (at the time it was Aloo's!) was thought up. It was sometime in the winter of 2003 in cold Oxford.

Mooli's Ltd. was formed in July 2008 with one director (who was also the company secretary). We've come a long way since then. Mathew is the best business partner I could imagine, we have a really talented and committed chef in Raju, some great investors and let's not forget Moolita.

In that post about Mooli's Ltd., Mathew commented and said 'i'm mooli madly deeply about different coloured chairs around a table!' End of this month, those chairs will be around the tables. I spoke to anon nyc last night - and he said it was going to be unreal coming to London and buying a mooli. It's all finally happening. Two weeks from now the soft launch will begin and hopefully we launch properly around 6 November.

The blog has been great for Mathew, TAB and me. It's been fun and it's given us focus. Thank you all for reading this blog, leaving comments and lending your support.

We'll see you soon at Mooli's @50 Frith Street.


SM said...

We're coming! We're coming! We will descend like locusts on Frith Street and devour every mooli :)

Anonymous said...


anon nyc

Incognitus said...

ye ye!

sherene said...

I'm hungry. I want a mooli. Now.

Mark said...

Just had my first mooli experience...hallelujah! You'll be seeing a lot more of me.

Handed out the flyers to my office...Looks like you'll be seeing a lot more of them as well.

Just out of interest...what kind of artist are you looking for? My girlfriend is pretty handy with brush.