11 October 2009

free mooli

when we launch, every day at 12pm sharp we will announce on our blog (obviously), website, facebook and twitter who qualifies for a free mooli. like our blog, it'll be pretty random (from wearing yellow to being bald to wearing baseball caps!). this was Fran's idea and we love it. so there. at mooli's, there IS such a thing as a free lunch. :D

AND you can earn/win a mooli too in the afternoon (and have a lovely hot chai) if you pop by 50 Frith Street. but before i tell you how, i feel like rambling (it's been a long day and a ramble is in order).

i've completely stopped playing poker now and it's strange. just a few months ago, i was in Las Vegas playing the World Series of Poker.

not playing poker is a bit like how i felt when i stopped playing much chess years ago. but chess might be coming back, sort of. i was going through some old photos and found some of me playing chess in Washington Square Park (NYC) and Harvard Square (Boston). it's a pity that London doesn't have anything similar.

both times, i broke even (they usually play for $2-$5 per blitz game) though i was playing a bit relaxed against the old chess master. which reminds me of an interesting story. Jonathan Rowson (the author of many an insightful comment on our blog including my favourite - 'screw being reasonable' or something to that effect) who is a strong Grand Master, 3 time British Chess Champion, author of tons of books etc. was studying at Harvard and one day while he was passing through Harvard Square, he was asked to play a game by a seasoned regular (guys who sit there playing all day - that's how they make their living). Jonathan declined but was asked again so he thought what the hell, i'll play one game. he won quite easily. as is often the case, the seasoned regular asks for a re-match. at this point, Jonathan feels a bit guilty (being a GM and all that) and tells him who he is. the seasoned regular says 'yes, but this is my job. lets play again'. this time its a real tough fight but Jonathan wins. you got to respect that guy though.

which brings me back to winning your mooli. most afternoons, you can come by and play yours truly for a game of blitz chess (3 minutes each) and if you beat me, you win a mooli of your choice. you can only win one mooli a week though - we need this restriction otherwise Jonathan might be there pretty often (he likes the Asparagus and Potato Mooli a lot).


TaB said...

Great post and great ideas. Fran's idea is absolutely brilliant. Let the first free mooli hour belong to the 31.5 year olds of this world.

jainder said...

Fran's idea is great

if your b'day is in november
if you are a Gemini
if you wear spectacles

choice of criterion could calibrate

if it is yr b'day today

TaB said...

Perhaps the designated hour can be called "Franny time". In another world, we would have advertised this with MC Hammer.

Incognitus said...

Great Jonathan anecdote and terrific idea ... though earning a mooli thru blitz chess is going to be very tough (& sensational!) ...one will have to catch you in some moment of weakness if a free mooli to be had this way!

Anonymous said...

lol i love it

anon nyc

sherene said...

when is launch, when is launch, when is launch? (=

and if you have a free-mooli day for those who have really big hair and talk a LOT, i'd qualify :D

Winnowed said...

"most afternoons, you can come by and play yours truly for a game of blitz chess (3 minutes each) and if you beat me, you win a mooli of your choice."

Considering the fact that you are so very good at Chess, would you agree to play blitz chess with your left hand?