28 October 2009

Mooli's stories

We all have one, at least. With the opening date nearing we are all even thinking about it right now or relaying it to friends over dinner or coffee somewhere in NYC, India, Switzerland, Sweden, Paris, Germany or another time-zone. It is your own mooli story: the time you were there when the apple was added, the decision on postcards made, the name change, the near-investment, the near-partnership, perhaps even the envy, and what it has stirred in you whether short term (what you will cook that day) or more long term (for your own future).

When two people decide to take a step aside from the usual path and realise their dream on the scale that they are about to (this is not an opening in Redbridge, but Soho), it is difficult not to be touched and, as I said, stirred. The objective achievement can be celebrated later, let us now focus on our very own mooli story.

For me there are many to choose from, but perhaps the few that stick in the mind (for now at least) is the the day it became clear that Sam was ready to channel his energy and drive into realising his dream of opening the kind of indian on-the-go concept he had been dreaming about. My realisation came when I visited him at his Baker street flat. There, with the lovely Fran, Sam unveiled his initial vision, Tikkas. The name may have been ditched but the discussions that day made it clear that he was abolsutely determined to do this.

Another story arises from the initial design meetings, where we discussed the identity of mooli's. I remember quite well that I opted for a design which was wild to say the least and totally out of keeping with what now seems right. It was more skateboard shop than old delhi meets tokyo. I must thank Sam's cousin for pointing this our forcefully and reminding me that I would have caused the death of mooli's before it even began.

The next story is really of Mathew's introduction. Until that point the menu had been focused on tikkas and the more conventional fare, which would have been great, but in retrospect it did not quite reflect the originality and freshness of what Sam wanted to bring in his initial vision. Neither did it reflect Mathew's vision, and with his involvement the menu took a different direction, one which we will soon be enjoying and which truly reflects the ideal of both men. It just seems so right that we can safely forget the tikkas etc of before. It also reflects the great partnership they both have.

Both of them have co-authored the story in a way which makes it compelling and bloody tasty. Roll on 9 November 2009.


mathew said...
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Anonymous said...

i have so many mooli stories, i do not know where to begin! i must admit to my role in some of the more unfortunate naming exercises .. until TAB's brilliant moolis came along! in my defense, i made amends for my sins by buying sam the domain names for his birthday!

on that point of names, i bet all of us have a different "first name" they encountered for moolis. mine is Alu's, dated 2003 maybe? TABs is tikkas (not bad compared to some other screamers). anybody remember spicetrain? LOL

anon nyc

p.s: bummed im not there for the launch.

sherene said...

Noted the date :) Wheeeee, so much excitement!