03 October 2009

mooli's are pt 2

mooli's are nothing to do with moolis.
mooli's are all about moolis if it makes money.
mooli's are not in essex. yet.
mooli's are all about small caps.
mooli's are alpacino in scarface.
mooli's are partly funded by auctioning a space-moon vintage rolex.
mooli's aren't going to lick your arse to get your custom.
mooli's are all about testing their food in the sunday upmarket.
mooli's are an iphone that has sex with you and makes you food.
mooli's are all about single-handedly reviving the pomegranate market.
mooli's are not about to go all poofy and speak to you in childish patronising tones.
mooli's are sometimes going to try things which don't come off. So what.
mooli's are not going to have a hole in the floor toilet.
mooli's are definitely planning to take over the world.
mooli's are david bowie in the 70s.
mooli's are amitabh bachchan in sharaabi (especially in that concert scene with jaya prada).
mooli's are in love with the bank of baroda.
mooli's are about the give the world blueberry kulfi.
mooli's are indebted to mummys and daadees.
mooli's are so glad they were not called tikkas.
mooli's are paying rent to the greek orthodox church of cyprus
mooli's are loving the handmade t-shirt chandy is wearing in legalweek.

1 comment:

mathew said...

mooli's are looking forward to trialling the chicken mooli tomorrow. with apple. and coriander-mint chutney.

mooli's are looking forward to a piccolo at nude espresso tomorrow

mooli's are looking forward to selling out by 3:30 pm tomorrow and having a beer with shilpa, ro and dee