11 August 2009

Does my poo look big in this?

Ladies and gentlemen, as we approach the big launch date, there is a question which hovers above us and has yet to be fully addressed. After eating a mooli, is your experience in the toilet heaven or hell? Has the passage of your excrement been smooth  (even if a little bumpy) or stingy and uncomfortable followed by slightly more stingy and uncomfortable.

Perhaps it is embarrassing to ask such questions in feedback sessions or perhaps it is simply bad manners to ask after a person's poo (let us stick to this word rather than its harder alternative of shit, excrement etc). The reality is you will not know until after the event anyway. 

It is an important question. The richness of Indian food is such that it is almost inevitable that the stomach will rumble somewhat. This is an accepted risk for most consumers of Indian food. There is also a real risk that it would go beyond rumbling to downright bubbling uncomfortability. If that happens then very quickly a place can get a bad reputation. So what effect does the mooli have on you? Are questions about poo redundant because there is nothing one can do about it?

That second question is interesting. I have no answers, but it seems to me the spices one uses and the time of preparation must be linked to the poo question. Purely on an observational basis (which is far from scientific), it seems that home cooked Indian food is less likely to induce the bad pooh than some restaurant food. Why is that? This is a question for the mooli chefs and their expert advisors. But before they can investigate this they need the big poo question answered. So don't be shy, go ahead and reply. 


Anonymous said...

dude is moolis poo a moo?

sameer said...

Mine is fine, thanks for asking. :D

thariel said...

other body fluids bear the imprint of one's last meal. this is soho, boys. customers are going to be concerned.