13 August 2009

We're Back

We're back this Sunday (16 August) @ the Sunday Upmarket - the market 'for fashion and flavouristas'.

We're in Ely's Yard which is the outdoor section of the market - opposite the Rootmaster Bus, at the corner of the yard close to the Big Chill bar.

We're selling the Keralan Beef salad and the Paneer salad. The lovely flavours of the beef and paneer are enhanced by the freshly tossed endives, vine tomatoes, cucumber, pomergranate seeds, grated carrot and pine nuts (with a squeeze of fresh lime). They will be delicious, Ottolenghi-esque we hope.


sameer said...

The market today was very interesting... Mooli's salads were really well received and I am now convinced they will do incredibly well in Soho.

mathew said...

we debated how do to describe them.....and tried "zesty salads" until one of our customers said it better "delicious. fresh salads with a real zing"