18 July 2009

Some Proposed Tag Lines for the Mooli Packaging

Please make no mistake, eating 4 Mooli's a day will make you fat.

Our salad leaves are washed with water which has passed through the cracks of tibetan virgins. Yes it is that clean.

A Mooli will change your life. No seriously dude, it will.

Our chais are made with milk as fresh tasting as that which you tasted from your mother's teat.

The animals which have been slaughtered for your Mooli taste so good because they are so well treated, with regular massages, organic grass, sushi and 24 hour cable television. 

We do not need to show off about our coffee, because it is so well grounded.

We wanted to bring you the best tasting kulfi. We sourced a great supplier who lovingly makes her creamy kulfis in a farm just close to berkshire-upon-thames-upon a hill. But she was pretentious, overpriced and unbearable to work with, so we have put the kulfi on hold. 

9/10 of our friends think that Mooli's is way better than Pret and EAT. 

As we are just starting we have underpriced our products. Hopefully as we get more popular we will increase the prices. 

Warning: this is not a fucking burrito.

Not to be consumed with low grain cocaine.

This Mooli was not made by an overworked and underpaid illegal immigrant. 

If our staff could speak they would tell you we are the best bosses ever.

This Mooli is bad it's bad...you know it. And the wholeworldhastoanswerrightnowanditellyouonceagain who's bad?



Anonymous said...

for the minimooli the tag line should be: "Bigger is not always better. Enjoy the Mini Mooli."

sameer said...

LOL @anon.

SM said...

I've got one.

20 years of marriage or not, this is one meat your wife will not hesitate to put in her mouth.

98% of our patrons have reported an increase in libido after eating at Moolis. They find our meat inspiring.

Ha ha

Ignore me.