11 July 2009

The First Reviews

I thought I would gather the early advanced reviews for Mooli's, good and bad.

As far as I am concerned, when it comes to express meals, there are mooli's and then there is everything else
-Andrew Mckneely, Eat Me

If an alien from outer space happened to be in Soho and wanted to understand the earthlings' fascination for Indian food, then it could do no better than head down to 50 Frith Street
-New York Times

"[after some unconnected story]... and so, the comforting vision is the ever so slight but real danger that some ants may crawl out of the carpeted walls, the chicken tikka may glow if the lights go out, and the fact that the polite indian waiter is taking out his frustration by pissing in my vindaloo. This is what we want from an indian food experience, not some pretentious fusion of different indian regional food all presented with the aesthetic sensibility of Japenese design"
-G Coren, The Times

There is a new force in town, and it is currently radiating at 50 Frith Street. Easily the best, most tastiest rolls/wraps whatever, you will ever eat
-Eat Out

"For a long time I failed to understand the allure of paneer. A tasteless cheese, it had nothing to commend it other than its parasitic qualities. I could fully understand why it never featured in the cuisine of Pakistan. Perhaps it was just a vegetarian thing. However, having tasted the paneer mooli, I can now see that this is what the paneer was made for. This is its true vocation"
-Zaheer Murdabad, Dawn

"The "simplified" menu really signals the lack of imagination. For real variety and options you need to go down to East London"
-Brick Lane Bi-Monthly

The best thing I have ever had in my life
-Mr Singh, Delhi Times

[after some unconnected story] If I were a goat I would happily die to be laid out in the warm bread that hugs the goat mooli. To give this much pleasure would not be a bad way to go. I am not sure the blonde would agree....
-AA Gill, The Times Magazine

Awesome, it changed my life
-Mrs Chandy, Kerala Times

A mooli is just such a comforting thing. It puts you in a good mood. Indeed if served, it could be the key to resolving the Arab Israeli and Kashmir conflicts
-Post-Structural-Alternative-Meta-Views on Conflict (food section)


mathew said...

I've had reviews on my mind and wanted to share this classic para:

"People often say 'seeing as you know so much, why dont you open a restaurant?'. And i always think of Brendan Behan's famous quote about us. 'Critics are like eunuchs in a harem - they know how its done, theyve seen it done everyday, but they're unable to do it themselves.' Like so much of Behan's work, that's smart but not quite right. Critics may well be like eunuchs in a harem who know how it's done, having seen it done every day, they just dont fancy having it done to them."

- A.A. Gill : Table Talk - Sweet and Sour, Salt and Bitter.

TaB said...

nice. AA Gill is a master writer of reviews; oddly it never translates into other forms of writing.

SM said...

what can i say!