19 November 2010

Takeaway copy

"Please do not worry about dropping food on the floor. It will not be wasted as we will feed it to our staff."

"mooli's are so meta."

"If you find a better indian roll with delicious fillings wrapped in homemade rotis, then please do not tell us. Honesty."

"Mooli's is the ideal food for self-hating Indians and those who are unable to properly use an apostrophe."

"Don't be a door Knob, buy a mooli."

"A number of people have mentioned how they had a similar idea to mooli's. How nice."

"Mooli's: where cows, goats, chickens and channa come to die."


sameer said...

LOL @ "mooli's are so meta" what is that!?? love it.

and you know i love:
"Don't be a door Knob, buy a mooli."

the rest are trying too hard :-)

mathew said...

these are too clever for me!

TAB, can you write some copy for our fab new soups.

1. Wholesome dhaal (lentil) soups and 2. Malabar chicken stew.

TaB said...

How about:

The mofo of soups