19 November 2010

Soup wording

The men at mooli's asked for some ideas for the wording on the soups they are about to launch. Here are some that spring to mind. The randomness of ideas is such that I hope you too will chip in with your thoughts:

The mofo of soups*

As wholesome as the Happy days and the Cosby Show.

We never set out to make soups. But these are so tasty (and the increase in VAT) that our hand was forced. Did we already mention the increase in VAT?

If we were corny and cute we would say these soups are like a warm delicious hug.

*I have this in mind for the chicken stew


sameer said...

the mofo of soups. LMAO. dude, how do you think up this stuff?!

mathew said...

love it

mathew said...

better use them fast before one of our competitors latches on. but wait, we dont have any competitors

Betty said...

Hi Moolis! Great food, we visited today on a day trip to London. Fantastic place to stumble upon walking round Soho. Just a question - Do you have the nutritional information on your Chicken Salad Box anywhere? I run a healthy lifestyle blog called www.thebettylife.com and I have posted a blog about my visit.. I would like to also add calorie information if available. Thanks!