11 August 2010

cheers to Independence

..........its been well over a year now since I quit UBS. Its been well over 2 years since Sam left BCG. Independence my friends, is certainly not overrated.

And so this weekend we celebrate Independence Day at Mooli's. I say "we" because we've been adopted by loads of homesick Pakistanis as well. Well....... the recipe for "our" Punjabi Goat could well have come from "their" Punjab. Indo-Pak rivalry is best left to the cricket pitch and politicians.

Raju has been planning some killer specials for a while now. We're having spicy & tangy papdi chaat. And a special (chatpatta) channa mooli with spicy kimchi. And if we ask very nicely, Raju might even do a mattar-kheema mooli. To flaunt our independence, we wont translate that into English English :-)

We know its Ramzan. It is flooding in Pakistan. And we're getting hammered in cricket by the Kiwis. But..... we always have someting to celebrate.

So come down and raise a toast to Independence with us. We've got the specials on all day on Saturday (14th August) and until 5pm on Sunday (15th August).

PS: We asked the bosses and they're OK with us staying open this Sunday.

PS2: Obviously, everyone is invited. You dont have to have a passport which is filled with innumerable visas and work permits.

This isnt meant to insult anyone, its just hilarious!



TaB said...

Mixed feelings. As I get to know more, I just can't help but think that the split should not have happened. So many people displaced (punjabis, sindhis etc) and a destruction of wonderful communities not built on religion or race but the many commonalities that still exist. Much more was lost than gained.

Anonymous said...

Especially what could have been and could still be the world's best cricket XI.

melody said...

BTW I forgot to mention, there is some secret in the tomato chutney ... its amazingggg !!!! thats my favorit word !!! :D

Saba Shafi said...

Hey Sam,

It was good to meet you today! Mooli's is great and my friends and I loved the food - though we were disappointed that we missed the independence day fun :(

Will be recommending Mooli's to all the Global Action for Development volunteers, so will see you soon no doubt!

sameer said...

@TAB definitely.

@anon definitely.

@melody definitely.

@Saba great to meet you too and glad you guys enjoyed your mooli's! would be great if you can help us spread the mooli love. GLAD sounds cool - maybe one day we can be involved raising some $ for charity.

Saba Shafi said...

Thanks! 2 of our GLAD volunteers have already been and they also loved it. Would be good to keep in touch - we have a networking night with other people in social enterprise coming up soon. contact me here:


Anonymous said...

next post next post next post. i can't tell which i like more - this blog or a mooli!

(from lawschool)