13 July 2010

My first post

From 50 Frith St. A few more tag-line candidates:

"Don't be a door Knob, buy a mooli."

"The bargain is simple: we act friendly and show an interest in your life, you buy a mooli."

"We won't lie. We are out to get you addicted to our mwizzle*.

*in common parlance a mooli, which in turn comes from the latin, moliato."

"A mooli is the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus of the food world."

"A number of people have mentioned how they had a similar idea to mooli's. How nice."


Anonymous said...

'Mwizzle'. Nice.

More precisely, duh-WTF?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Very impressive! Am curious - do you guys serve up your moolis at 1am in Hoxton? Isnt that the true raison d'etre for a paneer roll or an egg roll?

A ditty said...

I like the last two the best. Very cool. Coming to London next month from India and will get a-visit-to-Mooli's off my checklist very soon.