21 September 2009

The chutneys have it

Our mooli's are being photographed tomorrow by Mowie at Shilpa's place !

I spent the afternoon with Raju preparing for the shoot. We've made a really beautiful array of chutneys (beetroot, carrot, tamarind, coriander, mango, tomato, cucumber raita). The colours are all natural but just out of this world. And I re-discovered an old favourite - gunpowder.

We aren't just about tender braised meats, fresh homemade roti's and zesty salsas. The chutneys have it. I ate roti with just chutneys for dinner (but all seven of them). TAB you were right.


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sameer said...

shoot was great. Mowie, you are a star!

can't wait to see the pictures - Raju and Mathew did a great job getting together all our wonderful food.