27 November 2008

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

27 November, Thursday, 12-2pm, Liverpool Street.

I was at Wrap It Up! which does world wraps and Veronica, who helped out today was counting at Tiffin Bites.

The process at Wrap It Up! was fantastic - they had 7 people working in the shop at lunch and they managed to keep the queue moving really quickly. Interestingly, the customer mix was about 80% male! Maybe because their wraps are messy?

Let's keep that queue moving:

I had company in the form of Andrew and Mathew, and bets were placed for the final count at Wrap It Up! Not surprisingly, star UBS trader Andrew Kim cleans up by buying at 345. Final count is a massive 388. There is some demand for hot wraps eh? Tiffin Bites finished at 144 but with a much higher average ticket (tiffin boxes going for 9 quid!). Thanks to Veronica who counted and had to put up with really bad customer service (some things never change).

Andrew and Mathew, happy to be out of the office:

Andrew likes it:

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