25 November 2008

Down On The Corner, out in the street

25 november tuesday 11.55am

some live blogging for you. i am sitting outside on oxford st. at the pret (like on the street, not inside) with my laptop next to the wasabi so i can count customers and also observe who/how people buy food. it is fucking cold so please pardon the small caps and any spelling errors. very very cold, hard to type. seriously guys. two more. tick tick. the counter moves. lots of women buying food at wasabi, the hot food is doing well (especially their ramen), lots of deciding/looking taking place. one more. i will put up a picture of my counter from rymans tonight.

as you can gather, this is counting week which means:

a) you get bombarded with blog entries.
b) i freeze my butt off.

yesterday i was at maoz at soho which was very intresting. they are a lean operation. average ticket is higher than i thought. about £5.5/6.0.

lots of counting this week: mexican places (tortilla/mucho mas - was with chandy at tortilla last night - they are sort of similar to us), tiffin bites, wrap it up, souk.

ok it really is too cold to type. will post this now and write later.

ps: my trusted counter

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