26 June 2011


Sam told me to watch Senna. So I did. Its a truly inspiring documentary.

And it struck me that F1 has so many parallels to business. Senna was so successful because he was a great driver. With a great team. Which had a great car. And this great driver, team and car could adapt well to different tracks and different conditions on each of these tracks. In fact they came into their own when the conditions turned rainy and slippery.

And on the odd occassion that they failed, it was because one of the key parts failed. Or they didnt know how to play politics that Prost could. Or they didnt keep up with technology that Benneton pioneered.

Its all about getting everything right. Every day. Every year.


Anonymous said...

this blog is no longer about the story of mooli's - its founders & patrons, but instead has become one of those dime-a-dozen business marketing guides. Would love it if you guys could revert!

mathew said...

dear mr anonymous, please read between the lines.