16 May 2010

Genre Bending

This evening i watched Kick Ass. It took me back many years to when I first saw Pulp Fiction. Back then I knew that I was watching something very special. A new genre. A new space that Tarantino had carved out for himself. The old words and phrases just didnt do his style justice.

And so it was with Kick Ass. It felt Tarantino-esque, but it is so much more. I dont know the right words. I expect someone is creating new words to describe it.

When we decided to call a mooli a mooli, we had the same issue. The mooli isnt a burrito, or a wrap or a roll. So we created a new and catchy name. One that we could trademark and call our own.

And we dont badge ourselves "Indian street cuisine", because you will not get a mooli on the streets of India. Moolis are inspired by the streets of Allepey, Delhi, Goa...but Tokyo and London as well.

.......it took a while, but the word has caught on. On Friday we had a group of young Indie rockers. All seven of whom walked in and confidently ordered a "goat mooli" without even looking at the menu. Not a goat wrap, not a goat burrito, not a goat roll. They all wanted a Goat mooli.


sameer said...

i always smile when Vio (our first ever Mooli team member) sternly tells the odd customer who orders a chicken wrap that it's a chicken mooli.

9 times out of 10 the customer profusely apologises and corrects herself/himself.

melody said...

I loooove the Punjabi Goat Mooli, just had one last night, parcelled one for today ! And it goes so well with your Mojito's. BTW the mojito I took away in the plastic cup was surely STRONG !!!
Love your place, wish i lived in london, just for the Mooli...