04 February 2010

Going to start a Revolution....

Working @ Mooli's today, I felt like we were at the centre of a revolution, a haven for a number of young techies and entrepreneurs. Chaitanya and his fellow Expedians (pictured above) who love their goat mooli. 18 year old James Proud swung by twice. Founder of Giglocator, he loves his chicken mooli without any apple, tomatoes or salad and spends his days negotiating deals with behemoths like [NAMES REMOVED AT THE REQUEST OF JAMES AS THEY ARE TOP SECRET]. He introduced us to Chris & Ed, the founders of Wikijob. Alick from Spotify swung by for lunch. A simple dhaal soup with roti for him. Spotify was made for me.

Jack Huang, founder of DealBunch was here with a bunch of entrepreneurs from LBS for their monthly catchup, including Carlo who started GelatoMio. As was Rajesh Chandy, Prof of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at LBS drawing all the obvious comparisons between us and Chipotle. The beef mooli hit all the right notes for him. Of course it would, he is from Kerala.

And there was Brojo, who started a mobile phone advertising company when he was 21, before most of us even had mobile phones.

We had a few more disillusioned lawyers who wanted to chat with S&M before taking the plunge themselves.....

This is Social Media Week in London, and we are priviliged to be a part of it. Thanks Bumsy, Chirdeep, Farhan, Sherene and Anon NYC for showing us the way.

In between all of this, we managed to sell quite a few mooli's, mojitos and kingfisher beers. More than any previous Wednesday.......


Gautam said...

You guys have taken it to a whole new level.

Honesty. Social media or not, still the best policy.

Happy to help

sherene said...

:) whee, looking forward to the 3month-iversary party! thanks for the mention, although i really should come more often...so many new items on the menu that i am yet to taste!

Rohit M. said...

Hey Sameer
you were right - the Goat Mooli was sooooo good ! - Delcious to the core!
And yes I never liked Kathi rolls and what you guys offer is so much better.

Feb 27th 2010