07 May 2009

To Soar

This is certainly not of the creeping kind
Just taking the first step will always be a bind

It lies vacant amongst us all
We dream, we wonder, we try and ignore 
But you know and I know it will always be there
Oh God please help me find/Oh God don't let me submit

But when it comes you will know
You will taste the stars
You will covet the fear
A child you will be once again
For if you look up you will see
It is the year of the ________


Anonymous said...

these poems are awful

TaB said...

As is your mum.

Franziska said...

Don't let Mr Anonymous cower you into silence! A poet needs to express himself.

Anonymous said...

your poems are so sweet aww!

mathew said...

TAB, you have an uncanny ability to read our minds. or maybe you talk to Sam too much.