19 March 2009

Screw you guys, I'm going home!

Eric Cartman at a McDonald's interview.

Well, despite my best preparation (sharp haircut, memorizing the menu, practicing smiling) and what I thought was a good interview (I said I would be happy to start work at 5am), I got this email today.

from recruitmentteam@mcdcareers.co.uk
to sam749@gmail.com (Yes, this is you.) Learn more
date Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 9:59 AM
subject Job ID 15262: Message from McDonald's

Dear Sameer,

Thanks for applying for the position of Crew Member - 035.

We’ve got a rigorous selection process at McDonald’s and on this occasion, after careful consideration, we’re sorry to inform you that we will not be inviting you to attend the next stage of the recruitment process.

It’s part of our policy that we don’t give out specific reasons why an individual has not been successful, but we thank you for your interest and wish you every success in the future.

Kind regards,

McDonald’s Recruitment Team

Maybe I overshot some of the answers (when asked what I'd look for in a McDonald's candidate, I was like 1, 2, 3 etc.) and when he said 'any questions', I asked what the trajectory was like - how fast could I become a manager (trajectory??) Anyway he clearly didn't understand why I wanted to be a crew member. Tonight, I dropped by my local McDonald's and met my contact. He said it was so stupid that they called me to Marble Arch and that I should apply online again to London Bridge so that's what I'll do. Meanwhile, I'll apply to a few PRETs too (now that we have moved away from grilling as our focus, PRET is probably better - the Mexican places are ideal but hard to get into I'm sure).

In a way, it's probably for the best that it didn't work out as things are really moving now. We're in the midst of raising $, we're testing like crazy, started working on design again and are looking for suppliers. More news soon!

I shall end this post with a crazy statistic which makes me feel better. Yesterday I read in the London Paper that Smith's of Smithfield advertised a minimum wage position behind the bar (filling up the ice and washing glasses or something) and they got ... 200 applications! Now that's a recession.


Gautam said...


NLS, Oxford, Rhodes, BCG and McD's turns you down?

Perhaps they read the blog? :)

No sense in nurturing a viper in their bosom, what?

VxD said...

This is funny!:-)

...and yes, these are the best times to build efficiently and smartly.

Glories to Mooli's! May I get one in my hand soon!

Do we have a launch date as yet??

tbaloch said...

What is NLS?

sameer said...

Bumsy, I have now come to terms with the rejection. :)

V, we're all systems go now - Mathew's last date at UBS is 3 April - we hit bank and property then. Hope to launch this summer. You have to come to London. :D

Tariq, funny.

Anonymous said...


mathew said...

Anonymous, we'd like to invite you to our next tasting.