01 January 2009

2009 - the year of the mooli

Happy New Year!

This coming year, I have a resolution and a word for 2009. The inspiration for the word comes from my uncle Bholu chacha who started keeping a word instead of a resolution a few years ago (his word for 2009 is patience).

Word: Action!

Resolution: Get really fit.

Both the word and the resolution are part of a greater plan to make sure that 2009 will be remembered as the year of the mooli. I have joined a gym and start tomorrow (they were shut today). I'm also looking for a job at Nando's or McDonald's. Let's go.


Gautam said...

Good luck Sam! And may it be a Moolific 2009. See you London side in Feb.

Sameer Singh said...

:) Thanks Bumsy!
Let me know your dates as soon as you know them!

Jonathan said...

Good luck action man.

2009: Lights, Camera, Mooli's!

jainder said...

isn't it stupid for the gym to be closed on jan1 and miss the suckers with NY resolutions?

Tariq said...

Hey Sam!

Franziska said...

Tariq - this is not a chat room...

shakester said...

what's this, KOTS is sameer singh? how one has stumbled across you again. Some perusal of theb log shall happen. "Mooli's", now what is that?

later, then

-shakester (once also known as vAgue)

Tariq said...

Hey Fran! My name is tariq, I am young and have GSOH. You? Can I have a picture?

Franziska said...

Hi Tariq,

Before I send my picture, I need to know: what do you understand by GSOH?

(a) Good Sense Of Humor
(b) Good Salary Own House
(c) Good Standard of Hygiene
(d) General State of Health

If it is (b), we can talk again.